Soil Compaction: What to Do?

Soil compaction is an occurrence when the spaces between soil particles reduce resulting in higher soil density and lesser pore spaces. This in layman terms would be described as “hardened soils” that are difficult to penetrate and appear commonly during the dry season. It is important to diagnose what is going on in the soil […]

Advancement in Waste Valorisation

Current waste management solutions and waste to energy systems are limited to their processes, the material structure and input composition making waste management a very expensive process. This also makes such systems very selective towards specific inputs and will require a combination of multiple systems to treat materials of differing structure and make-up which further […]

Choosing the Right Organic Fertilizer

The rise in global food demand has resulted in an increase in intensive farming methods to increase yield and productivity. This has correlated to an increase in chemical inputs into farms which have caused ecological degradation. For this reason, more and more farmers are incorporating and turning to organic fertilizers to salvage and remediate their […]

Why Biostimulants are the Future of Farming

Modern-day agriculture increasingly demands an alternative to synthetic chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides) in order to respond to the need for stronger and more resilient plants to ensure sustainability in farming. Biostimulants have recently emerged as an efficient technology solution to boost crop productivity under optimal and sub-optimal conditions. This is achieved through efficient use of […]