Choosing the Right Organic Fertilizer

The rise in global food demand has resulted in an increase in intensive farming methods to increase yield and productivity. This has correlated to an increase in chemical inputs into farms which have caused ecological degradation. For this reason, more and more farmers are incorporating and turning to organic fertilizers to salvage and remediate their soils to ensure sustainability in production. Research has shown that proper fertilization input and program results in a staggering 40-50% increase in yield in most crops. We aim to help you identify the right organic fertilizer to incorporate into your fertilization program for you to start enjoying better yields!

  1. Are you experiencing poor germination rate?
    Unlike common belief and claims, nutrients are not required for seeds to germinate as they only require water, oxygen and the right temperature and do not need any nutrients. It is only after the first week after germination that plants require Nitrogen and Phosphorus as well as micronutrients in very small quantities to improve their growth. However, it is known that gibberellins (GAs) and cytokinin hormones are able break seed dormancy and promote germination. For that, we recommend lightly spraying the seeds with Sakura-K to improve germination. The product should be diluted 1:800 and lightly sprayed just once to achieve better germination index (GI) Growing greener and stronger young plants

  2. Growing greener and stronger young plants
    It is important introduce a structured fertilization programme according to the plant’s needs. Nutrient requirement differs according to soil conditions and the crop planted. It is always a good option to do a soil test to find out the actual soil condition before implementing any fertilizer program. Shintech offers comprehensive soil analysis here in our labs as well as nutrient input recommendations. In general, young plants that are 2-3 weeks old require a sufficient dose of Nitrogen and Phosphorus as the primary nutrients at a rate of 0.9kg of Nitrogen (N)/year. Shintech encourages you to use Midori-N during the growing stage as it not only contains Nitrogen and Phosphorus, but also contains bio stimulants that will increase the uptake efficiency and build stronger immunity in the plants early on. Hard and dry soils should be treated with Midori-S, a solid hydrochar fertilizer that efficiently conditions soil structure. Increasing Yields of Produce

  3. Increasing Yields of Produce
    Introduction of Phosphorus is vital to promote the development of flower buds and fruit. Potassium and Calcium should also be introduced at this stage while limiting the use of Nitrogen fertilizers as the availability of Nitrogen will increase the tendency for leave formation instead of flowers.

    However, you can increase fruit development and production with Auxins. They are a naturally occurring hormone in plants and they promote the maturation of fruits. Shintech encourages the use of Sakura-S and Ryoku-P which carry Phosphorus, Calcium and Potassium fertilization, along with the plant hormone and biostimulants necessary for proper fruit development. The availability of sugars in Sakura-S will also give you better tasting fruits!

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