Advancement in Waste Valorisation

Current waste management solutions and waste to energy systems are limited to their processes, the material structure and input composition making waste management a very expensive process. This also makes such systems very selective towards specific inputs and will require a combination of multiple systems to treat materials of differing structure and make-up which further increases set-up and operational costs.

It is then very important for industries and waste-generating sectors to be aware of the available solutions that could effectively treat their wastes economically and efficiently in terms of yield, processing time, and quality. Shintech Engineering offers unique wet thermochemical systems and solutions that are able to convert wastes into value-added products giving industries an added source of revenue from their wastes. The intelligent use of hydrothermal systems in treating organic wastes eliminates the need to pre-dry the input material which is a key contributing factor to the high operating cost of treatment plants. This system fast tracks the slow process of conventional anaerobic/aerobic treatment modules, by the input material to react with catalysts with low dielectric values under pressurized conditions.

The main advantage of this system is the lower processing time in comparison to current systems (up to 99.7% reduction in retention time) and the similar cost required to generate the same amount of energy. Also, the high throughput of this system makes it a very compact solution without the need for larges sizes of land to set up digesters. The high efficiency of this system retains 90% of the input material, allowing higher yields and economic value for industry players.

Shintech Engineering through the advancement of MIZUTech enables a proper solution for waste management and energy generation by creating value for treated wastes and minimizing the number of wastes directed to landfills. This sustainable and circular technology is a splendid example of advancements made in the field of waste valorization and WtE by Shintech that effectively create value instead of a liability in treating wastes.

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