Why Biostimulants are the Future of Farming

Modern-day agriculture increasingly demands an alternative to synthetic chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides) in order to respond to the need for stronger and more resilient plants to ensure sustainability in farming. Biostimulants have recently emerged as an efficient technology solution to boost crop productivity under optimal and sub-optimal conditions. This is achieved through efficient use of resources (water and fertilizers), preservation of soil quality, and an increased economic value and business opportunities for farmers.

Biostimulants are essentially products that stimulate plant nutrition processes independently and reduce the need for fertilizers and increase the growth of plants and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress. Shintech focuses on the formulation of potent non-microbial biostimulants that are produced using extraction technology. The use of advanced green extraction technology in bio-stimulants extraction ensure that the products are safe and free from toxic solvents, have higher extraction selectivity and give higher quality in the extract produced. Shintech offers two types of bio-stimulant infused products that are Midori and Sakura. Midori is an effective chelating agent and growth enhancer, unlocking the available nutrients in the soil while Sakura helps increase plant’s resistance towards pest attack and environmental stress.

Biostimulants are becoming a very popular solution to modern day farming due to the change in soil and environmental conditions in plantations today. The rise in stress from weather changes and climate change such as drought, heat, inundations, UV radiation as well as salt buildup (from fertilizer overuse) have resulted in lower crop yields and quality of produce in many plantations. Due to this, biostimulants are becoming a choice among farmers to alleviate the stress experienced by plants and dependency on conventional fertilizers. Order our liquid Midori or Sakura series to start your bio-stimulant journey in farming today!

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