How Fertigation Improves Farmer’s Income

The increase in research with regards to efficiency and precision in nutrient delivery in agriculture has been very much focused on fertigation systems. Fertigation is an efficient process of nutrient delivery in which fertilizers are incorporated within the irrigation system and delivered by drip or sprinklers. In this system, the fertilizer are pre-mixed in a dosing tank thus allowing even distribution of the nutrients through irrigation.

Fertigation is an innovative solution that enhances water productivity while increasing nutrient efficiency thus improving farmer’s income. With the recent challenges revolving around water scarcity across the globe especially among farmers, fertigation has appeared as the most sustainable method to grow food in a climate-stressed environment. The key reason fertigation appears so efficient is the minimisation of nutrient loss due to the increase in precision in dosing and accuracy in delivery.

The guided use of a fertigation system can produce up to 90% nutrient delivery and use efficiency when correctly dosed with nutrients and water. This is by far the most efficient system for fertilizer application as it negates high risks of nutrient losses associated without other methods. This results in stable and consistent crop yields throughout each crop cycle allowing for better control in the quality of produce.

This accurate method gives higher economic value for farmer’s produce as lesser nutrients are used, and automating the delivery of water and fertilizer significantly reduces labour costs. Timely release of nutrients using this system is key to allowing maximum uptake of nutrients only when the plants need it. In this sense, there is less opportunity for nutrient volatization or leaching making every cent spent on fertilizers absolutely worth it.

It is important to pair fertigation systems with fertilizers that are engineered to be compatible with it. The solubility, nutrient release time and particle sizes are major concerns when using such systems. Shintech’s liquid series in the form of Midori-N, Ryoku-P and Sakura-K are engineered specifically to be made compatible with such systems. Its fast-acting mechanism with 100% solubility index make it a very suitable solution to be used in fertigation systems. Its incredibly tiny particle size of less than 10 microns means that it can be used with any drip line, sprinkler or spray without any worry of clogging-making fertilization very much easier.

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